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(2 of Pentacles) : Tuesday 30 April 2013 »

How are your juggling skills? Hope they are OK because you’ll need to juggle your finances and your time today.

Prospects are looking up, but it won’t all be plain sailing.

You need to focus on the details of the day and not be distracted by longer-term goals or any travel plans you’re making.

(6 of Pentacles) : Monday 29 April 2013 »

In life you get what you give, and today is a day where being charitable will come back to you 10 fold.

You may receive help, perhaps financially, that will assist you tremendously, or you may receive some form of windfall.

Generosity and a kind heart is the theme for today!

(10 of Swords) : Sunday 28 April 2013 »

Sometimes we can have days where we say to ourselves ‘well it can’t get any worse than this’ and today may well be one of them.

All you can do is deal with the events of the day as best as you can, and find the courage and self-belief to know and accept that joy and sorrow are opposite sides of the same coin. Some days are joyful, others are not.


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(8 of Swords) : Saturday 27 April 2013 »

You may feel like you are running in mud today. Whatever you do or say will probably not make much difference.

It may seem like an unrewarding day, where any input from you proves ineffective or futile. It’s frustrating, but this card insists you develop patience and wait it out. Circumstances will change, but maybe not in your time frame!

This is a day where you need to go with the flow – you don’t really have a choice!!

(10 of Pentacles) : Friday 26 April 2013 »

Today, you may have to deal with financial issues to do with your family.

It will be a day about financial security and emotional family ties, and the theme of the day is likely to be the importance of carrying on the family tradition.

(The Hermit) : Thursday 25 April 2013 »

Find time today for some quiet introspection and allow yourself some solitude.

There is a warning here not to make any hasty decisions, possibly because you won’t be in the right frame of mind to make them, or because more information is still needed.

Don’t rush anything, and don’t be obstinate or refuse advice when you know it could benefit you to take it!

(Ace of Wands) : Wednesday 24 April 2013 »

You will be full of creative, original ideas today, and simply bursting with energy.

Your focus will be on new ideas and projects mainly related to work, however you may be looking to create new possibilities for all aspects of your life.

It’s important to keep a handle on reality though and not to go chasing pipe dreams.

If you’re expecting news of the birth of a baby it could be today!

(Justice) : Tuesday 23 April 2013 »

Today will be a day for careful negotiating, accountability and a sense of fair play.

This may involve contracts, agreements or legal issues, and it is important they are dealt with fairly and with the highest integrity.

If you’ve been experiencing battles on this front and feel a sense of injustice or prejudice, there is a risk that things will not go your way today.

However if negotiations have been running smoothly, justice will be done and there will be a sense of fair play. If you’ve been the victim of ill will in the past, that wrong may be put right today.

(9 of Wands) : Monday 22 April 2013 »

Things may start off peacefully enough but expect challenges as the day wears on.

What’s important is to be self-assured and have the inner-strength to deal with anything or anyone that has a go at you today.

You shouldn’t let yourself be bullied but at the same time don’t be too obstinate, try to find compromise.