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The Chariot

This is a day where you will find the confidence and self-assurance to overcome any challenges or obstacles and achieve a successful outcome.

There will be no need for being overbearing or using bullying tactics though – make sure you don’t trample over people to get what you want. There is a difference between total confidence and sheer arrogance.

If you’ve been considering getting a new vehicle for a while, today’s as good a day as any!

G is for Grimore

So the Grimore is a book containing information on rituals, spells, magickal information and general information regarding Coven formalities. Often referred to as a “Book of shadows” the Grimore is considered to some as secret, special and not for public viewing. The use of the word Grimore is the subject of theory and speculation. Most believe that men and women in the middle ages and the upper and middle class who were involved in ceremonial magick wrote journals called Grimores. The old French meaning is “the changing of one substance to another” but there will forever be conflict over the true meaning. The Grimore dates as far back as the Mesopotamians and possibly further. One of the most famous is the Key of Solomon, which contained detailed knowledge for ceremonial magick.

How do you view your Grimore? … Is it a collection of spells, rituals or other things? … mine contains my spells, some Wiccan rituals and of course things like the Wiccan Rede etc. I do consider mine to be something personal. It is not for public viewing or consumption, and I will only share what I want of it. I do not belong to a coven however my mother who is also Wiccan also has a Grimore and it contains some of the most fantastic stuff. To see what they went through when Wicca was still so secretive, so frowned upon in public is invaluable and the old spells, the tradition is just very inspiring.

Whatever your thoughts on your Grimore, it is a personal journey, containing what you want, and should never be subject to criticism by others.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your Grimore …. J

8 Pentacles

Today’s a good day for thinking about how you could develop a particular artistic or creative talent. It doesn’t need to be for material gain, and could simply be as a labour of love, which could always lead to financial reward further down the line.

Some time given to longer-term financial planning wouldn’t go amiss today.

Queen of Pentacles

Whilst it is important to be financially responsible and shrewd, you may take that just a little too far today.

You will worry for the world and everyone in it today!! Try to relax a little. You may have a few financial challenges, or see some coming, but you’ll handle them just fine.

The Devil

It will be important not to give in to temptation today. There’s a risk of distraction, caused by an unhealthy obsession with someone or something.

Certainly don’t vent your anger or frustrations on others who aren’t to blame for your situation. This will most likely concern a personal addiction such as a sexual affair, gambling, drinking or any other form of addiction that is threatening your livelihood or family affairs.

Page of Wands

You can expect your phone, fax, email and postman to be real busy today!!

However, be careful not to go rushing through everything, as there is a piece of information or a fact about something that you are missing. Find out everything you need to know before pressing on.

You may also have a reunion with an old friend today.

8 of Cups

Today will doubtless be a restless day for you. Feelings of dissatisfaction may lead you to making decisions that will sever you from the past.

You may look to end certain things in your life, your relationship, your job or indeed anything which you feel is holding you back.

Days like this are key to your personal growth and development. Yes they are challenging, but they are liberating at the same time.

9 Swords

Today could be a true test of your character! It may present challenges and disappointments that you will find tough to deal with.

Perhaps your confidence has been low for a while and today may just knock you a little too hard.

If you need to seek advice or comfort at this time, or take time off to rest and recover then do so. Don’t suffer in silence, take care of yourself.

Page of Pentacles

This is a day to be careful and prudent when it comes to making decisions concerning finance.

It is a day for being conscientious and not looking for get rich quick schemes -your immediate financial pressures will not be solved that way.

If you do receive news about money, it is most likely going to be good news, perhaps around a promotion or pay rise. If you have been studying or have taken an exam recently you are likely to get excellent results.

F is for Facebook

So this week I have chosen Facebook as my subject. What has Facebook to do with Pagan’s? I hear you ask … Well in this time of electronic media dominating our lives Facebook is now a tool of the 21st Century not just a timewaster.

My views on Facebook and what it is doing to society is this:

I believe Facebook is turning society into a very antisocial, secluded, non committal place. The founder of Facebook has pulled off one of the biggest coup in the history of man. Mark Zuckerberg lived in a world where he wasn’t accepted by the vast majority of peers, as an opportunistic enterprising young mind, he latched onto an idea that would change the world, change society as we know it. He was fully aware of the attraction his world would have, preyed on the insecurities of man and pulled off the biggest challenge imaginable. Instead of trying to fit in with the world, he bought the world to him. He created this little place where people could gather, share their thoughts and dreams, their lows where they could extract support from ‘friends’. A place where they could ‘Like’ ‘friend’ ‘share’ ‘form exclusive groups’ and have a whole life. In a society where instant gratification is paramount Mark knew Facebook would satisfy this, albeit on a superficial level and for a fleeting moment thereby drawing people back into the facebook world, I say he played on man’s insecurities because he knows, most people just want to be accepted, seek approval, liked and obviously loved, people want to feel like they are worthy and validated and Facebook for all intents and purposes does this. BUT … and its a big but, Facebook also creates a place where people can have relationships at arm’s length, where people can fein approval, like and even love with the click of a button, where people can keep in touch without actually being in touch, where people feel in control of who they speak to, when and most importantly just how much they will give their fellow human being in ways of support. It is a very superficial place, filled with false validity, false friends. Of course Facebook when used for ‘Good’ can be wonderful, and in the beginning we all believe how great it is, what a wonderful little world Mark has created, how brilliant is his mind, when all the while, underneath that what he has created is really a sleeping monster that claws at our dreams, undermines our society at its very core, changes our reality without us even knowing what is happening. It is the Boiling Frog Syndrome … for those unaware of what that is, if you were to place a frog in boiling water, of course it would understand that the water is hot and jump out immediately, however if you place a frog in cold water and slowly bring it to the boil on the stove top, by the time the frog realises the water is hot and he is being cooked it is too late for him to jump out, and that my friends is what Facebook is all about, slowly cooking society as we know it, changing it, while we embrace the change and integrate it into our lives and before we know it we are all antisocial beings, sitting behind a computer screen with no real attachments to other people except for our Facebook ‘Likes’. Bullying and stalkers are worshiping Facebook, what a great tool for them to use to prey on their victims, how easy for them to find victims, and supporters. People can be such sheep when it comes to being accepted, and often will indulge in negative behaviours that they would never do face to face, Peer group pressure on Facebook is unbelievable for our Youth of today. It is a very delicate balance to not overstep the mark and err on the side of antisocial, unfortunately for most, Facebook pushes that boundary and deceitfully, underhandedly, boiling frog’ly we follow.

With all this negativity you might be wondering why I am on Facebook at all … well I also believe there is good out there in Facebook World and of course when used for ‘Good’ Facebook can be a fantastic networking tool, and to get to the point of how Facebook relates to Pagans, I believe that the benefit we get from having Facebook and being able to network, share information, beliefs, rituals, opinions etc all make for better people. A greater understanding of the path we have chosen.

This … The Pagan Blog Project … this is very much a ‘Good’ side of Facebook, in fact I would go as far as to say it is a fantastic use of facebook, and I believe that it will only enhance the Path I have chosen, as it will for everyone, and I can’t thank Rowan enough for creating this project, I would just like to believe that we could all be aware of the traps that Facebook holds …

Once just once everyday, have a real conversation with a real person, face to face and remember Society will fall apart, crumble, be destroyed if we lose the art of being social, personable and having genuine interactive real live relationships.

F is for Falsebook, errr sorry Facebook …. don’t be a boiling frog!