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(2 of Wands) : Thursday 31 January 2013 »

You may feel a little anxious or worried today whether you will achieve the success you’ve been working so hard for. With strength and determination you will succeed.

You may find a partnership of great help and encouragement today – this could be your lover and partner or perhaps a colleague at work.

If, however, you succumb to feelings of self-doubt and lose faith in what you’re doing, then expect your partner or colleagues to let you know they aren’t happy with you.

(6 of Pentacles) : Wednesday 30 January 2013 »

In life you get what you give, and today is a day where being charitable will come back to you 10 fold.

You may receive help, perhaps financially, that will assist you tremendously, or you may receive some form of windfall.

Generosity and a kind heart is the theme for today!

(King of Wands) : Tuesday 29 January 2013 »

Today may be your lucky day! If you’re in the mood for a little flutter, go for it!

Alternatively, there’s a possible dispute of some sort in the air today, and if it shows up you’ll need to be a skilful mediator and see all sides of the argument. Think sensibly and wisely and don’t allow your emotions to muddy the water – you will resolve it.

(2 of Cups) : Monday 28 January 2013 »

Today will be a day when partnerships at work or in love will be harmonious and fun.

Whether it’s working efficiently and well together with a work colleague, or having fun with a friend or lover, it will be a day where you really enjoy someone else’s company.

If you have been experiencing difficulties in your intimate relationship for some time though, today could be a trying day and one where arguments may bring things to a head.

(6 of Swords) : Sunday 27 January 2013 »

Things will start to look up for you today!! If you’ve been having a challenging time recently, today marks a change for the better.

It may still take a bit of time for your situation to significantly improve, so it’s important not to run from the challenge but do as you’ve been doing up to now and keep going!

You may have thoughts of overseas travel today or perhaps because the pressure’s lifting a bit you may decide to book a holiday!!

(9 of Wands) : Saturday 26 January 2013 »

Things may start off peacefully enough but expect challenges as the day wears on.

What’s important is to be self-assured and have the inner-strength to deal with anything or anyone that has a go at you today.

You shouldn’t let yourself be bullied but at the same time don’t be too obstinate, try to find compromise.

(The Tower) : Friday 25 January 2013 »

This may be a day where you wish you’d stayed in bed!! There may be unexpected disruption, disappointments and challenges all round.

However difficult it may be to see the positive side of such a day, try to accept that sometimes such upheavals are necessary to create new opportunities.

(King of Swords) : Thursday 24 January 2013 »

You’ll be in complete control today! Whatever the day has in store for you, you will handle it calmly and efficiently.

Just remember you don’t need to bully people to get what you want, and try to be a little more open and personable when you’re tempted to withdraw.

(The Devil) : Wednesday 23 January 2013 »

It will be important not to give in to temptation today. There’s a risk of distraction, caused by an unhealthy obsession with someone or something.

Certainly don’t vent your anger or frustrations on others who aren’t to blame for your situation. This will most likely concern a personal addiction such as a sexual affair, gambling, drinking or any other form of addiction that is threatening your livelihood or family affairs.

(King of Cups) : Tuesday 22 January 2013 »

You may find yourself acting as a mediator between two factions today and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to help resolve their issues.

You’ll need all your charm, wit and intellect to get through today as smoothly as possible.

You can only do your best.