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(3 of Swords) : Sunday 31 March 2013 »

You are likely to have a very challenging day today.

It could be an emotional day where someone or something will cause you some distress.

We all have days like this from time to time, and they are never easy. Seek comfort if you need it and just try and cope the best you can.

(The Hierophant) : Saturday 30 March 2013 »

You may just have to go with the scheme of things today and conform to the needs of the group, rather than doing your own thing.

Teamwork is the theme of the day, and this means in your personal relationships as well as in the work place.

You may be struggling to conform to others needs or expectations of you. If so, it wouldn’t hurt to seek out advice and guidance today from a professional advisor, teacher or someone whose professional opinion you respect.

(The Hermit) : Friday 29 March 2013 »

Find time today for some quiet introspection and allow yourself some solitude.

There is a warning here not to make any hasty decisions, possibly because you won’t be in the right frame of mind to make them, or because more information is still needed.

Don’t rush anything, and don’t be obstinate or refuse advice when you know it could benefit you to take it!

(Temperance) : Thursday 28 March 2013 »

Through patience, compromise and moderation you will manage to keep a sense of balance and harmony today, whatever the challenges.

Allowing yourself to become impatient or rash will only add fuel to the fire and thwart any possible progress.

Through the careful harnessing of volatile factors you will ultimately achieve the success and outcome you desire.

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(Page of Swords) : Wednesday 27 March 2013 »

You will need to keep your wits about you today because someone may have it in for you, and you may not know who that person is.

There may be some important decisions or changes to make, and perhaps this person isn’t in favor of them. Be patient, vigilant and diplomatic and your opponent may simply undo their own plans.

(The Emperor) : Tuesday 26 March 2013 »

A man of significance in your life will play a big part in today’s events. He may be your boss, a work colleague, partner/husband or father.

You should be confident of your own abilities to deal with any issues of the day, however if you need to call on this man, whoever he may be, he will be very supportive.

If, however, a negative situation arises concerning such a man, don’t let them railroad you. Stand up for yourself and don’t let them bully you.

2 of Cups) : Monday 25 March 2013 »

Today will be a day when partnerships at work or in love will be harmonious and fun.

Whether it’s working efficiently and well together with a work colleague, or having fun with a friend or lover, it will be a day where you really enjoy someone else’s company.

If you have been experiencing difficulties in your intimate relationship for some time though, today could be a trying day and one where arguments may bring things to a head.

(Death) : Sunday 24 March 2013 »

Today could be a challenging day with unexpected events and changes that may rock your world a little, but don’t panic, this card rarely indicates actual death!!

However difficult the day may turn out to be, it will bring transformational changes, creating brand new beginnings from any absolute endings, so be excited!

(Knight of Wands) : Saturday 23 March 2013 »

Well this could be a day of surprises or a day where you do all the surprising!!

You will be firing on all cylinders and have a lot of creative ideas, one of which may excite you enough to consider a significant change.

This could mean you’ll change your line of work or job, perhaps decide to look at moving home or book a holiday or trip!

Just be careful that whatever you suddenly decide to do, you don’t go burning all your bridges.