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(4 of Cups) : Thursday 28 February 2013 »

This is unlikely to be one of your better days, if you have a job you may decide to cry off sick! Whatever your situation, don’t be surprised if you feel despondent today.

Emotionally you feel disillusioned, perhaps just with your love life, or maybe about your life in general.

What’s important is that you don’t let a feeling of apathy swamp you and lead to depression and possible ill health. Re-evaluate your situation today and start to think about what you can do to improve things and make yourself feel happier again.

(2 of Swords) : Wednesday 27 February 2013 »

It will be a day of harnessing volatile factors in your life today, and choosing between your heart and your head.

There could be a conflict of interests and perhaps some heated disagreements. The trick will be to find a happy medium or try to achieve equilibrium in your own mind and with others.

You won’t have to deal with this on your own though, a good friend will help support you through the hassles of the day.

(Queen of Pentacles) : Tuesday 26 February 2013 »

Whilst it is important to be financially responsible and shrewd, you may take that just a little too far today.

You will worry for the world and everyone in it today!! Try to relax a little. You may have a few financial challenges, or see some coming, but you’ll handle them just fine.

(9 of Swords) : Monday 25 February 2013 »

Today could be a true test of your character! It may present challenges and disappointments that you will find tough to deal with.

Perhaps your confidence has been low for a while and today may just knock you a little too hard.

If you need to seek advice or comfort at this time, or take time off to rest and recover then do so. Don’t suffer in silence, take care of yourself.

(Temperance) : Sunday 24 February 2013 »

Through patience, compromise and moderation you will manage to keep a sense of balance and harmony today, whatever the challenges.

Allowing yourself to become impatient or rash will only add fuel to the fire and thwart any possible progress.

Through the careful harnessing of volatile factors you will ultimately achieve the success and outcome you desire.

(The Chariot) : Saturday 23 February 2013 »

This is a day where you will find the confidence and self-assurance to overcome any challenges or obstacles and achieve a successful outcome.

There will be no need for being overbearing or using bullying tactics though – make sure you don’t trample over people to get what you want. There is a difference between total confidence and sheer arrogance.

If you’ve been considering getting a new vehicle for a while, today’s as good a day as any!

(10 of Wands) : Friday 22 February 2013 »

It will feel like everyone wants a piece of you today, at home and at work.

It will be a day where you will feel overburdened by demands and workload, which will most likely stress you out.

Delegate or reschedule what you can, and prioritise what’s really important to you.

(10 of Cups) : Thursday 21 February 2013 »

Today could be a significant day in your love life. Commitment and long-term love is the theme of the day. It will be a day where you feel loved and valued.

As emotions are running high here, be sure not to take your partner for granted. If they are requesting your time, or want to discuss such matters, find time for them.

(The Empress) : Wednesday 20 February 2013 »

You will be more conscious of your emotions today. Your heart will be ruling your head and you may feel the need for a heart to heart with someone before the day’s out.

Don’t let emotional insecurity create difficulties for you. It won’t hurt to take advice from someone who’s opinion you trust before taking any action today.

(The Star) : Tuesday 19 February 2013 »

Today should be a great day, full of enjoyment, ideas and hope for the future.

An easy, tranquil day – one for you to relax and sail through – just watch out you don’t find yourself daydreaming all the way through it!

If you have any ideas today that you think could be real winners, take a punt on them. The Star is your wish card and can be a good omen that you’ll get what you want!