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(Ace of Pentacles) : Thursday 31 October 2013 »

Today should be a fruitful day when you get to enjoy the good things in life.

You could be up for a promotion or pay rise at work, or at the very least some form of recognition and appreciation.

You may choose to spend the evening spoiling yourself, or your partner, to a little luxury – because you’re worth it!!

(4 of Pentacles) : Wednesday 30 October 2013 »

This should be a nice, easy day, and one where you’ll choose to enjoy your material possessions and the fruits of your labour.

You may actually have confirmation of a successful conclusion to a business deal or receive some form of inheritance today – fingers crossed!

(The Sun) : Tuesday 29 October 2013 »

This is a day for you to show just what you’re made of, you will excel yourself. You will shine as bright as the sun and your self-confidence will be contagious. Days don’t come much better than this!

You will enjoy yourself and have fun whether you are working, socialising with friends or family, or enjoying a day’s holiday.

You may receive good news today concerning children or the conception or birth of a much-wanted baby.

(The Devil) : Monday 28 October 2013 »

It will be important not to give in to temptation today. There’s a risk of distraction, caused by an unhealthy obsession with someone or something.

Certainly don’t vent your anger or frustrations on others who aren’t to blame for your situation. This will most likely concern a personal addiction such as a sexual affair, gambling, drinking or any other form of addiction that is threatening your livelihood or family affairs.

(The Lovers) : Sunday 27 October 2013 »

You could be faced with some pretty significant choices to make today concerning an intimate relationship or relationships, the consequences of which could have quite an impact on you.

In this situation, relying on your heart more than your head is the rule of the day – inspiration over reason is the better way forward.

Pay attention to your integrity and stay true to your moral code. No matter how tempting the ‘easy’ option seems, it won’t turn out to be easy in the end!

Sometimes we feel we must act out of duty when we should simply act out of truth and honesty.

(2 of Wands) : Saturday 26 October 2013 »

You may feel a little anxious or worried today whether you will achieve the success you’ve been working so hard for. With strength and determination you will succeed.

You may find a partnership of great help and encouragement today – this could be your lover and partner or perhaps a colleague at work.

If, however, you succumb to feelings of self-doubt and lose faith in what you’re doing, then expect your partner or colleagues to let you know they aren’t happy with you.

(Queen of Swords) : Friday 25 October 2013 »

Be very careful not to resort to manipulatory tactics to get things done today – you will be found out and you won’t be popular for it!

Focus on taking positive action to achieve your goals today; avoid anything that could be construed by others, or yourself, as devious.

(6 of Cups) : Thursday 24 October 2013 »

What a lovely day this could be!! You will have a fun day, perhaps celebrating something you have achieved or acquired in your life.

It could be the realisation of a dream, or a situation or person from the past who’s return will have an affect on today’s events.

You’ll probably spend time reminiscing about old memories, old friends and lovers.

(The Fool) : Wednesday 23 October 2013 »

Unplanned or unexpected influences could effect your decisions and choices today. Don’t go doing anything hasty or make impetuous decisions. Be patient and watch how the day unfolds.

You should be feeling optimistic about today’s events, and you may well create new opportunities for yourself, or at the very least have some new ideas that you wish to follow through with.

However, remember that not every new idea or new beginning reaches a successful conclusion. This is why you must not rush anything today.

(9 of Pentacles) : Tuesday 22 October 2013 »

Today could prove particularly financially successful – yeah!

You may feel like celebrating on you own, or perhaps the opposite and wishing you had someone to share your news with. You’ll probably just chill out at home.