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(2 of Wands) : Sunday 2 December 2012 »

You may feel a little anxious or worried today whether you will achieve the success you’ve been working so hard for. With strength and determination you will succeed.

You may find a partnership of great help and encouragement today – this could be your lover and partner or perhaps a colleague at work.

If, however, you succumb to feelings of self-doubt and lose faith in what you’re doing, then expect your partner or colleagues to let you know they aren’t happy with you.

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(The Star) : Saturday 1 December 2012 »

Today should be a great day, full of enjoyment, ideas and hope for the future.

An easy, tranquil day – one for you to relax and sail through – just watch out you don’t find yourself daydreaming all the way through it!

If you have any ideas today that you think could be real winners, take a punt on them. The Star is your wish card and can be a good omen that you’ll get what you want!

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(Judgement) : Friday 30 November 2012 »

Today’s the day to accomplish what you’ve been working on for a while, and taking pleasure in a job well done.

This may be work related, but can also apply to your personal life.

You will receive recognition and reward, perhaps even a promotion at work, or you’ll simply receive love and recognition from someone you care for.

(10 of Swords) : Thursday 29 November 2012 »

Sometimes we can have days where we say to ourselves ‘well it can’t get any worse than this’ and today may well be one of them.

All you can do is deal with the events of the day as best as you can, and find the courage and self-belief to know and accept that joy and sorrow are opposite sides of the same coin. Some days are joyful, others are not.

(The Sun) : Wednesday 28 November 2012 »

This is a day for you to show just what you’re made of, you will excel yourself. You will shine as bright as the sun and your self-confidence will be contagious. Days don’t come much better than this!

You will enjoy yourself and have fun whether you are working, socialising with friends or family, or enjoying a day’s holiday.

You may receive good news today concerning children or the conception or birth of a much-wanted baby.

(7 of Cups) : Tuesday 27 November 2012 »

You may be faced with a number of choices today that could leave you feeling quite confused.

It’s great to have aspirations and goals but they need to be realistic and not just ‘pie in the sky’.

Some of your choices may concern affairs of the heart, which won’t be easy to make. It’s important that you don’t delude yourself – accept the reality of the situation.

Trust your instincts. Your heart will know the right thing to do.

(Queen of Cups) : Monday 26 November 2012 »

Your heart will be ruling your head today, big time!!

You’ll be thinking about how you could show or prove your love to someone in a more suggestive or creative way.

If you are filled with a joyful love, great, enjoy those feelings. However, if you are consumed with emotional insecurities be careful today. You won’t be thinking rationally so don’t go making any hasty decisions. Best let today pass and see how you feel tomorrow.

(3 of Pentacles) : Sunday 25 November 2012 »

Teamwork will be the focus of your day today.

You’ll probably be feeling very ambitious and determined to win. This is most likely to concern promotion, recognition, financial return or something to do with sports.

You may be dealing with property issues today too, either to improve your current home or looking at the possibility of a new home.

(6 of Cups) : Saturday 24 November 2012 »

What a lovely day this could be!! You will have a fun day, perhaps celebrating something you have achieved or acquired in your life.

It could be the realisation of a dream, or a situation or person from the past who’s return will have an affect on today’s events.

You’ll probably spend time reminiscing about old memories, old friends and lovers.

(King of Swords) : Friday 23 November 2012 »

You’ll be in complete control today! Whatever the day has in store for you, you will handle it calmly and efficiently.

Just remember you don’t need to bully people to get what you want, and try to be a little more open and personable when you’re tempted to withdraw.