Here at Divination by Sharmonia I will show you some of the readings I do and the feedback I get from them, along with the  Hydromoirai readings, offered exclusively by Divination by Sharmonia.

You will find my blogs under Ramblings of Sharmonia

Please feel free to ask me questions and book a reading, my contact page shows all the information you will need to book and the Readings page will show you all the different readings I can do for you, and the prices and payment methods.

While I have had many years experience reading for people in person and over the phone, I am new to readings online so please bear with me while I integrate all my information and work out how it will best work over this medium.

All reports for your readings will be emailed directly to you on an email address you supply, or I can send them to your Facebook profile as a private message.

While I display some of my readings here, it will remain completely anonymous I will not divulge the subject of the reading to ensure your privacy is completely respected, however I welcome comments either from the subjects or others about the readings.

Readings here are all completed by a real person and not computer generated in any way, so you can be assured of the most personalised reading I can give you.

I am a Pagan/Wiccan Witch in my forties with a lust for life. My gorgeous life partner fully supports my lifestyle and brings me no end of joy. Family are the most important people in the world to me, and a very few close friends, although I have many friends and I love sending them blessings and good will. Familiars are also a huge aspect of my life, and I enjoy the company of two at present, wonderful, inspiring familiars who bring me such pleasure.

My Spirit Guide, and the Archangels are an absolute blessing in my life and my God and Goddess are my guiding light. They all inspire and guide me to give the best I can to people and make my life complete.

I hope you enjoy your time on my page, there should be plenty to read soon, a few laughs to have and most of all something to ease your mind and life. You should also check out my other social network pages, Oh and I am doing the Pagan Blog Project

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Once again thank you for visiting my page, I look forward to helping you in any way I can.

Blessed Be