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(5 of Cups) : Friday 31 May 2013 »

Emotionally, you may feel rather lost today. Feelings of vulnerability and loss could cause you to worry too much.

Perhaps you are thinking about a past lover and wondering if they will come back into your life.

Today is not a day to look backwards at the past but to look forward to the future. Re-assess your situation, what lessons can you take from the past in order to behave differently now and in the future?

(10 of Wands) : Thursday 30 May 2013 »

It will feel like everyone wants a piece of you today, at home and at work.

It will be a day where you will feel overburdened by demands and workload, which will most likely stress you out.

Delegate or reschedule what you can, and prioritise what’s really important to you.

(King of Cups) : Wednesday 29 May 2013 »

You may find yourself acting as a mediator between two factions today and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to help resolve their issues.

You’ll need all your charm, wit and intellect to get through today as smoothly as possible.

You can only do your best.

(Death) : Tuesday 28 May 2013 »

Today could be a challenging day with unexpected events and changes that may rock your world a little, but don’t panic, this card rarely indicates actual death!!

However difficult the day may turn out to be, it will bring transformational changes, creating brand new beginnings from any absolute endings, so be excited!

(2 of Pentacles) : Monday 27 May 2013 »

How are your juggling skills? Hope they are OK because you’ll need to juggle your finances and your time today.

Prospects are looking up, but it won’t all be plain sailing.

You need to focus on the details of the day and not be distracted by longer-term goals or any travel plans you’re making.

(King of Pentacles) : Sunday 26 May 2013 »

There will be no messing about today!!

You will cut to the chase, make the decisions, do the deal and be a whole lot better off financially by the end of the day. Way to go!!

(8 of Wands) : Saturday 25 May 2013 »

Hope you had a good breakfast because today is going to be really busy!!

Don’t try to run too fast – less haste, more speed. You will be up to your neck in work, plenty of serious decisions to make about your personal life and possibly travel on top of that.

It never rains but it pours!

(8 of Pentacles) : Friday 24 May 2013 »

Today’s a good day for thinking about how you could develop a particular artistic or creative talent. It doesn’t need to be for material gain, and could simply be as a labour of love, which could always lead to financial reward further down the line.

Some time given to longer-term financial planning wouldn’t go amiss today.

(9 of Wands) : Thursday 23 May 2013 »

Things may start off peacefully enough but expect challenges as the day wears on.

What’s important is to be self-assured and have the inner-strength to deal with anything or anyone that has a go at you today.

You shouldn’t let yourself be bullied but at the same time don’t be too obstinate, try to find compromise.

(The Moon) : Wednesday 22 May 2013 »
You may feel restless and uneasy, or emotionally confused today. Things may seem as clear as mud to you!!

Even if you feel lost and unsure of what to do next, stick with it.

If new opportunities are presented to you today don’t allow fear and a lack of nerve to stop you from investigating them further.