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(The Emperor) : Tuesday 31 December 2013 »

A man of significance in your life will play a big part in today’s events. He may be your boss, a work colleague, partner/husband or father.

You should be confident of your own abilities to deal with any issues of the day, however if you need to call on this man, whoever he may be, he will be very supportive.

If, however, a negative situation arises concerning such a man, don’t let them railroad you. Stand up for yourself and don’t let them bully you.

(Page of Swords) : Monday 30 December 2013 »

You will need to keep your wits about you today because someone may have it in for you, and you may not know who that person is.

There may be some important decisions or changes to make, and perhaps this person isn’t in favor of them. Be patient, vigilant and diplomatic and your opponent may simply undo their own plans.

(Wheel Of Fortune) : Sunday 29 December 2013 »

Today should prove to be an interesting day – fate will have a lot to do with whether it is a good or bad day for you. The Wheel of Fortune can turn either way, but we don’t seem to have much control over its direction!

Sometimes we need to just trust and go with the flow, and accept that there are times when any actions we take either make a situation worse or indeed prove totally futile.

Try to move through the day with an attitude of simple acceptance – you will be a passenger today, not the driver, try to relax and enjoy the ride!

(Queen of Pentacles) : Saturday 28 December 2013 »

Whilst it is important to be financially responsible and shrewd, you may take that just a little too far today.

You will worry for the world and everyone in it today!! Try to relax a little. You may have a few financial challenges, or see some coming, but you’ll handle them just fine.

(The Hierophant) : Friday 27 December 2013 »

You may just have to go with the scheme of things today and conform to the needs of the group, rather than doing your own thing.

Teamwork is the theme of the day, and this means in your personal relationships as well as in the work place.

You may be struggling to conform to others needs or expectations of you. If so, it wouldn’t hurt to seek out advice and guidance today from a professional advisor, teacher or someone whose professional opinion you respect.

(7 of Cups) : Thursday 26 December 2013 »

You may be faced with a number of choices today that could leave you feeling quite confused.

It’s great to have aspirations and goals but they need to be realistic and not just ‘pie in the sky’.

Some of your choices may concern affairs of the heart, which won’t be easy to make. It’s important that you don’t delude yourself – accept the reality of the situation.

Trust your instincts. Your heart will know the right thing to do.

(Ace of Wands) : Wednesday 25 December 2013 »

You will be full of creative, original ideas today, and simply bursting with energy.

Your focus will be on new ideas and projects mainly related to work, however you may be looking to create new possibilities for all aspects of your life.

It’s important to keep a handle on reality though and not to go chasing pipe dreams.

If you’re expecting news of the birth of a baby it could be today!

(8 of Pentacles) : Tuesday 24 December 2013 »

Today’s a good day for thinking about how you could develop a particular artistic or creative talent. It doesn’t need to be for material gain, and could simply be as a labour of love, which could always lead to financial reward further down the line.

Some time given to longer-term financial planning wouldn’t go amiss today.

(King of Wands) : Monday 23 December 2013 »

Today may be your lucky day! If you’re in the mood for a little flutter, go for it!

Alternatively, there’s a possible dispute of some sort in the air today, and if it shows up you’ll need to be a skilful mediator and see all sides of the argument. Think sensibly and wisely and don’t allow your emotions to muddy the water – you will resolve it.

(Queen of Cups) : Sunday 22 December 2013 »

Your heart will be ruling your head today, big time!!

You’ll be thinking about how you could show or prove your love to someone in a more suggestive or creative way.

If you are filled with a joyful love, great, enjoy those feelings. However, if you are consumed with emotional insecurities be careful today. You won’t be thinking rationally so don’t go making any hasty decisions. Best let today pass and see how you feel tomorrow.