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4 of Swords

You may well have been going through a pretty stressful time, either professionally or personally, and today is a day when you should take it easy.

If you must work, don’t overdo it, and be sure you take time out for your self this evening to just relax.

If you don’t need to work today, treat yourself to some peace and relaxation.

Whichever the case, it’s important to make sure you don’t become any more stressed or tired. Watch your health.

6 of Swords

Things will start to look up for you today!! If you’ve been having a challenging time recently, today marks a change for the better.

It may still take a bit of time for your situation to significantly improve, so it’s important not to run from the challenge but do as you’ve been doing up to now and keep going!

You may have thoughts of overseas travel today or perhaps because the pressure’s lifting a bit you may decide to book a holiday!!

The Emperor

A man of significance in your life will play a big part in today’s events. He may be your boss, a work colleague, partner/husband or father.

You should be confident of your own abilities to deal with any issues of the day, however if you need to call on this man, whoever he may be, he will be very supportive.

If, however, a negative situation arises concerning such a man, don’t let them railroad you. Stand up for yourself and don’t let them bully you.

10 Cups

Today could be a significant day in your love life. Commitment and long-term love is the theme of the day. It will be a day where you feel loved and valued.

As emotions are running high here, be sure not to take your partner for granted. If they are requesting your time, or want to discuss such matters, find time for them.

The Tower

This may be a day where you wish you’d stayed in bed!! There may be unexpected disruption, disappointments and challenges all round.

However difficult it may be to see the positive side of such a day, try to accept that sometimes such upheavals are necessary to create new opportunities.

The Chariot

This is a day where you will find the confidence and self-assurance to overcome any challenges or obstacles and achieve a successful outcome.

There will be no need for being overbearing or using bullying tactics though – make sure you don’t trample over people to get what you want. There is a difference between total confidence and sheer arrogance.

If you’ve been considering getting a new vehicle for a while, today’s as good a day as any!

8 Pentacles

Today’s a good day for thinking about how you could develop a particular artistic or creative talent. It doesn’t need to be for material gain, and could simply be as a labour of love, which could always lead to financial reward further down the line.

Some time given to longer-term financial planning wouldn’t go amiss today.

Page of Wands

You can expect your phone, fax, email and postman to be real busy today!!

However, be careful not to go rushing through everything, as there is a piece of information or a fact about something that you are missing. Find out everything you need to know before pressing on.

You may also have a reunion with an old friend today.

9 Wands

Things may start off peacefully enough but expect challenges as the day wears on.

What’s important is to be self-assured and have the inner-strength to deal with anything or anyone that has a go at you today.

You shouldn’t let yourself be bullied but at the same time don’t be too obstinate, try to find compromise.

Knight Pentacles

Today could bring you good news of financial reward for your tenacity and hard work.

Your good work ethic and practical approach will start to pay off for you today, provided of course you do have such an ethic!