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(The Fool) : Monday 30 September 2013 »

Unplanned or unexpected influences could effect your decisions and choices today. Don’t go doing anything hasty or make impetuous decisions. Be patient and watch how the day unfolds.

You should be feeling optimistic about today’s events, and you may well create new opportunities for yourself, or at the very least have some new ideas that you wish to follow through with.

However, remember that not every new idea or new beginning reaches a successful conclusion. This is why you must not rush anything today.

(4 of Pentacles) : Sunday 29 September 2013 »

This should be a nice, easy day, and one where you’ll choose to enjoy your material possessions and the fruits of your labour.

You may actually have confirmation of a successful conclusion to a business deal or receive some form of inheritance today – fingers crossed!

(Temperance) : Saturday 28 September 2013 »

Through patience, compromise and moderation you will manage to keep a sense of balance and harmony today, whatever the challenges.

Allowing yourself to become impatient or rash will only add fuel to the fire and thwart any possible progress.

Through the careful harnessing of volatile factors you will ultimately achieve the success and outcome you desire.

(King of Wands) : Friday 27 September 2013 »

Today may be your lucky day! If you’re in the mood for a little flutter, go for it!

Alternatively, there’s a possible dispute of some sort in the air today, and if it shows up you’ll need to be a skilful mediator and see all sides of the argument. Think sensibly and wisely and don’t allow your emotions to muddy the water – you will resolve it.

(7 of Pentacles) : Thursday 26 September 2013 »

Today won’t be that memorable really; good old-fashioned hard work is indicated – ho hum!!

You may feel bored, frustrated, and maybe even a little despondent but perseverance will pay off.

Keep up your efforts and they will be rewarded.

(6 of Wands) : Wednesday 25 September 2013 »

Today, you may well receive the news you’ve been waiting for regarding something you’ve been working hard on for a while.

If there have been no delays or difficulties then your news will be good news, and there’ll be some celebrating tonight for sure.

If, however, this ‘project’ you have been working on has been plagued with problems, the news is not likely to be in your favour, which may lead to tension amongst your work colleagues or people that are close to you.

(5 of Swords) : Tuesday 24 September 2013 »

This is a day where you may just have to accept that sometimes you aren’t going to win.

The 5 of Swords suggests that whatever you’ve been battling with or working hard to achieve will not come to fruition.

Whether it concerns a love affair, financial issue or work, today you will probably have to let this one go.

Look forward to tomorrow, it’s bound to be better!

(The Empress) : Monday 23 September 2013 »

You will be more conscious of your emotions today. Your heart will be ruling your head and you may feel the need for a heart to heart with someone before the day’s out.

Don’t let emotional insecurity create difficulties for you. It won’t hurt to take advice from someone who’s opinion you trust before taking any action today.

(Wheel Of Fortune) : Sunday 22 September 2013 »

Today should prove to be an interesting day – fate will have a lot to do with whether it is a good or bad day for you. The Wheel of Fortune can turn either way, but we don’t seem to have much control over its direction!

Sometimes we need to just trust and go with the flow, and accept that there are times when any actions we take either make a situation worse or indeed prove totally futile.

Try to move through the day with an attitude of simple acceptance – you will be a passenger today, not the driver, try to relax and enjoy the ride!

(6 of Swords) : Saturday 21 September 2013 »

Things will start to look up for you today!! If you’ve been having a challenging time recently, today marks a change for the better.

It may still take a bit of time for your situation to significantly improve, so it’s important not to run from the challenge but do as you’ve been doing up to now and keep going!

You may have thoughts of overseas travel today or perhaps because the pressure’s lifting a bit you may decide to book a holiday!!