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7 Cups

You may be faced with a number of choices today that could leave you feeling quite confused.

It’s great to have aspirations and goals but they need to be realistic and not just ‘pie in the sky’.

Some of your choices may concern affairs of the heart, which won’t be easy to make. It’s important that you don’t delude yourself – accept the reality of the situation.

Trust your instincts. Your heart will know the right thing to do.

The Magician

This is a day where you can achieve whatever you want, provided you have the determination and self-belief to make it happen.

There is great potential for you here, either at work, with a financial prospect or concerning a relationship. Harness that inner power and you will find the charm, wit and possibly sheer cheek to achieve the outcome you want.

If you lack self-confidence or are indecisive, you risk letting today’s opportunities slip by.

Take care if you have any dealings today with a man who you feel unsure about. If you doubt his trustworthiness and sense a devious nature or hidden agenda, you may well be right!

10 Pentacles

Today, you may have to deal with financial issues to do with your family.

It will be a day about financial security and emotional family ties, and the theme of the day is likely to be the importance of carrying on the family tradition.

5 Swords

This is a day where you may just have to accept that sometimes you aren’t going to win.

The 5 of Swords suggests that whatever you’ve been battling with or working hard to achieve will not come to fruition.

Whether it concerns a love affair, financial issue or work, today you will probably have to let this one go.

Look forward to tomorrow, it’s bound to be better!

Ace Pentacles

Today should be a fruitful day when you get to enjoy the good things in life.

You could be up for a promotion or pay rise at work, or at the very least some form of recognition and appreciation.

You may choose to spend the evening spoiling yourself, or your partner, to a little luxury – because you’re worth it!!

7 Wands

Today is not a day for indecisiveness, shyness or being timid. To get what you want today, you are going to have to fight for it.

With courage and self-belief, you’ll find a way of overcoming your challengers to win the day.

The Hanged Man

You may feel in a state of limbo today and perhaps lack a sense of direction.

Sometimes we have to let go of something or someone in order to proceed or progress. If you know that some form of sacrifice or self-sacrifice has to be made, then do it. You won’t be able to move forward until you’ve done so.

Changing circumstances demand flexibility, and sometimes we need to let go in order to adapt.

The Chariot

This is a day where you will find the confidence and self-assurance to overcome any challenges or obstacles and achieve a successful outcome.

There will be no need for being overbearing or using bullying tactics though – make sure you don’t trample over people to get what you want. There is a difference between total confidence and sheer arrogance.

If you’ve been considering getting a new vehicle for a while, today’s as good a day as any!

7 Pentacles

Today won’t be that memorable really; good old-fashioned hard work is indicated – ho hum!!

You may feel bored, frustrated, and maybe even a little despondent but perseverance will pay off.

Keep up your efforts and they will be rewarded.

2 Swords

It will be a day of harnessing volatile factors in your life today, and choosing between your heart and your head.

There could be a conflict of interests and perhaps some heated disagreements. The trick will be to find a happy medium or try to achieve equilibrium in your own mind and with others.

You won’t have to deal with this on your own though, a good friend will help support you through the hassles of the day.