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(9 of Swords) : Wednesday 21 May 2014 »

Today could be a true test of your character! It may present challenges and disappointments that you will find tough to deal with.

Perhaps your confidence has been low for a while and today may just knock you a little too hard.

If you need to seek advice or comfort at this time, or take time off to rest and recover then do so. Don’t suffer in silence, take care of yourself.

(The Magician) : Tuesday 20 May 2014 »

This is a day where you can achieve whatever you want, provided you have the determination and self-belief to make it happen.

There is great potential for you here, either at work, with a financial prospect or concerning a relationship. Harness that inner power and you will find the charm, wit and possibly sheer cheek to achieve the outcome you want.

If you lack self-confidence or are indecisive, you risk letting today’s opportunities slip by.

Take care if you have any dealings today with a man who you feel unsure about. If you doubt his trustworthiness and sense a devious nature or hidden agenda, you may well be right!

(Ace of Cups) : Monday 19 May 2014 »

You will be thinking mostly about affairs of the heart today.

If you’re feeling unhappy because of lost love or feelings of isolation in a current relationship, you’ll be wondering what you can do to make yourself happier.

If you’re in the fortunate position of being happy in love, you and your partner may start to talk about living together, marriage or children today.

If you’re currently on your own, today could be the beginnings of a new love encounter.

(The Lovers) : Sunday 18 May 2014 »

You could be faced with some pretty significant choices to make today concerning an intimate relationship or relationships, the consequences of which could have quite an impact on you.

In this situation, relying on your heart more than your head is the rule of the day – inspiration over reason is the better way forward.

Pay attention to your integrity and stay true to your moral code. No matter how tempting the ‘easy’ option seems, it won’t turn out to be easy in the end!

Sometimes we feel we must act out of duty when we should simply act out of truth and honesty.

(Page of Swords) : Saturday 17 May 2014 »

You will need to keep your wits about you today because someone may have it in for you, and you may not know who that person is.

There may be some important decisions or changes to make, and perhaps this person isn’t in favor of them. Be patient, vigilant and diplomatic and your opponent may simply undo their own plans.

(Knight of Pentacles) : Friday 16 May 2014 »

Today could bring you good news of financial reward for your tenacity and hard work.

Your good work ethic and practical approach will start to pay off for you today, provided of course you do have such an ethic!

(Strength) : Thursday 15 May 2014 »

You may have to show what you’re made of today, finding the strength, courage and patience to deal with the challenges of the day.

If you feel yourself getting angry, impatient or jealous then control those emotions. Open your heart and find the patience and compassion necessary to handle any emotionally fraught situations that show up.

Do this and you’ll handle things just fine, even if you do end the day feeling rather exhausted!!

(Page of Cups) : Wednesday 14 May 2014 »

You may be falling in love with someone, perhaps falling head over heels for them. It’s a great feeling, but be sure to keep a reality check on this today.

Don’t go rushing into anything, take your time and get to know this person better.

If you are studying at this time, due to take an exam of some sort or otherwise need to concentrate, don’t allow yourself to be distracted too much.

(3 of Pentacles) : Tuesday 13 May 2014 »

Teamwork will be the focus of your day today.

You’ll probably be feeling very ambitious and determined to win. This is most likely to concern promotion, recognition, financial return or something to do with sports.

You may be dealing with property issues today too, either to improve your current home or looking at the possibility of a new home.

(Knight of Wands) : Monday 12 May 2014 »

Well this could be a day of surprises or a day where you do all the surprising!!

You will be firing on all cylinders and have a lot of creative ideas, one of which may excite you enough to consider a significant change.

This could mean you’ll change your line of work or job, perhaps decide to look at moving home or book a holiday or trip!

Just be careful that whatever you suddenly decide to do, you don’t go burning all your bridges.