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(The Hierophant) : Wednesday 23 April 2014 »

You may just have to go with the scheme of things today and conform to the needs of the group, rather than doing your own thing.

Teamwork is the theme of the day, and this means in your personal relationships as well as in the work place.

You may be struggling to conform to others needs or expectations of you. If so, it wouldn’t hurt to seek out advice and guidance today from a professional advisor, teacher or someone whose professional opinion you respect

(9 of Cups) : Tuesday 22 April 2014 »

This should be a day where a wish or ambition of yours is realised. It will be a day of fun, fulfilment and celebration.

Whether this is work related or to do with friends, family or loved ones, you will want to share any good fortune you have with others.

A day for you to enjoy!

(Temperance) : Monday 21 April 2014 »

Through patience, compromise and moderation you will manage to keep a sense of balance and harmony today, whatever the challenges.

Allowing yourself to become impatient or rash will only add fuel to the fire and thwart any possible progress.

Through the careful harnessing of volatile factors you will ultimately achieve the success and outcome you desire.

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(4 of Swords) : Sunday 20 April 2014 »

You may well have been going through a pretty stressful time, either professionally or personally, and today is a day when you should take it easy.

If you must work, don’t overdo it, and be sure you take time out for your self this evening to just relax.

If you don’t need to work today, treat yourself to some peace and relaxation.

Whichever the case, it’s important to make sure you don’t become any more stressed or tired. Watch your health.

(5 of Cups) : Saturday 19 April 2014 »

Emotionally, you may feel rather lost today. Feelings of vulnerability and loss could cause you to worry too much.

Perhaps you are thinking about a past lover and wondering if they will come back into your life.

Today is not a day to look backwards at the past but to look forward to the future. Re-assess your situation, what lessons can you take from the past in order to behave differently now and in the future?

(Ace of Swords) : Friday 18 April 2014 »

You might need more than one cup of coffee to get you started today!!

There will be some pretty important decisions to make so you will need to be sharp and on the ball.

You will no doubt find the mental clarity you need to achieve this, just be careful you don’t totally disregard others in your pursuit to get things done.

(5 of Swords) : Thursday 17 April 2014 »

This is a day where you may just have to accept that sometimes you aren’t going to win.

The 5 of Swords suggests that whatever you’ve been battling with or working hard to achieve will not come to fruition.

Whether it concerns a love affair, financial issue or work, today you will probably have to let this one go.

Look forward to tomorrow, it’s bound to be better!


Queen of Wands) : Wednesday 16 April 2014 »

It is important that you don’t rely too much on others today, or expect everything and everyone to come to you.

Don’t be too shy in communicating what you want, either in your work life or your personal life. If people don’t know what you want how can they give it to you!?

(6 of Cups) : Tuesday 15 April 2014 »

What a lovely day this could be!! You will have a fun day, perhaps celebrating something you have achieved or acquired in your life.

It could be the realisation of a dream, or a situation or person from the past who’s return will have an affect on today’s events.

You’ll probably spend time reminiscing about old memories, old friends and lovers.

(3 of Wands) : Monday 14 April 2014 »

Your mood will have a big impact upon today.

If you are in a bad mood, however, expect a bad day! Pride and obstinacy will bring you a day full of quarrels.

However, if you are positive and energetic you can expect a dynamic day where you are full of your own conviction. This could be a day when you’ll consider launching a new venture or project, most likely with a partner or work colleague.